SubstanceD Screencast #2: Generating the Initial 'myintranet' Project

This screencast is the second in a series of short tutorials on installing SubstanceD and using it to build a simple intranet application. It starts from where Episode 1 leaves off.

This episode demonstrates generating the initial version of the myintranet project, checking it into Git, and installing it and its added dependencies into the virtual environment.

Annotated Commands

For those who'd like to read rather than listen, this is the set of commands outlined:

  1. List the templates available for generating a project:
    $ bin/pcreate --list-templates
  2. Generate the myintranet project:
    $ cd src
    $ ../bin/pcreate --template=substanced myintranet
    $ cd myintranet
  3. Check the initially generated code into a local Git repository:
    $ git init .
    $ cat > .gitignore
    $ git add .
    $ git commit -m "Initially-generated project."
  4. Install the project and its extra dependencies into the environment:
    $ ../../bin/python develop
  5. Verify that myintranet is importable from our checkout:
    $ cd ../..
    $ bin/python
    >>> import myintranet
    >>> print(myintranet.__file__)

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