Rupy 2013 Python Sprint

Recently we held a 3-day-long Python sprint in Budapest before the RuPy conference. Here's what got done.

Substance D (web application server)

Participating: Chris McDonough, Balázs Reé, Godefroid Chapelle

  • Allow management views to be categorized.
  • Allow deletion of objects that cannot successfully be unpickled.
  • Add an API for get_editable_adapter.
  • Allow schemas that inherit from substanced.schema.Schema to be used successfully in non-FormView code (no longer necessary to call .bind() on these to run things through deserialization).
  • Grid error messages caused by connectivity problems now disappear if the client notices that the server is back up via SSE.
  • Attempted to figure out how to more better show "global" views (like the auditing tab, the database tab, and the undo tab).
  • Various small UI improvements.

Deform (form library)

Participating: Domen Kožar, Balázs Reé, Chris McDonough

  • Experimented with using angular.js for client-side validation (fairly successfully).
  • Refactored and improved resource registry.

Pyramid (web framework)

Participating: Fabian Neumann

  • Audit docs for places we could better use .. deprecated:: and other Sphinx/RST directives.

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