SubstanceD Screencast #3: Starting the Server, Viewing the Admin Interface

This screencast is the third in a series of short tutorials on installing SubstanceD and using it to build a simple intranet application. It starts from where Episode 2 leaves off.

This episode demonstrates starting the WSGI server in development mode, viewing the default splash page in the browser, and logging into the the SubstanceD admin interface.

Annotated Commands

For those who'd like to read rather than listen, this is the set of commands outlined:

  1. Start the server using the development configuration:
    $ ../../bin/pserve development.ini
  2. Grep the generated, random password from the config file:
    $ cd src/myintranet
    $ grep passwword development.ini
  3. View the default splash page at http://localhost:6543/.
  4. Log into the SubstanceD management interface at: http://localhost:6543/manage.

posted: 2013-12-13 23:00   by Tres Seaver | permalink